Terms & Conditions

Summary: Be nice and fair to each other!


Unless otherwise stated, the "standard conditions of the German textile industry" apply. Jurisdiction and place of performance of Interloom is Berlin, Germany.

§ 1 Terms of Service
Interloom is a service and a registered trademark of Good Garment Collective, Jablonski, Stobbe, Harborth hereinafter referred to as "Interloom".

Interloom sees itself as a B2B platform connecting traders who have registered a paid commercial account for supplier (hereinafter "the supplier") and that of potential buyers who have signed up for a buyer (hereinafter referred to as the "buyer") sustainable goods and services (hereinafter referred to as "articles") are offered and in demand.
The offer, distribution or purchase of the goods must not violate any legal regulations, these terms and conditions or the Interloom product criteria. In addition, Interloom includes a website with editorial content and a blog.

§ 2 Users and participants
§ 2.1 Role of the operator
Contracts are concluded between the members of the mediation platform, subject to the following terms. If Interloom provides a non-binding offer to a supplier (including intermediary, organizer or agent) on behalf of a third party (supplier), the contracts may be concluded directly between the buyers and the third party (supplier). Contracts that are initiated via the website entitle and obligate exclusively the buyers and suppliers involved or third parties (sales representatives of the supplier). Interloom only becomes a party to a purchase or service transaction if Interloom or Good Garment Collective GbR offers its own products for sale under its own name or purchases articles as a customer.

§ 2.2 members
Members within the meaning of these terms of use are such participants, who
- offer the other participants via Interloom articles for sale (supplier) or
- send the other participants via Interloom inquiries about their offered articles or inform themselves about these articles (buyers)
Interloom offers members the technical possibility to use the Interloom website in the context provided by Interloom to publish content. For the publication of content on the website applies § 15 General principles for content published by members.

§ 2.2.1 Supplier
Suppliers (also called sellers) within the meaning of these terms of use are such participants who offer other participants articles on Interloom as a non-binding offer for sale or for third parties a non-binding offer. As a supplier on Interloom only commercial suppliers are registered (B2B1). Suppliers may be, for example, producers, importers, distributors, but also designers or sales representatives who offer other members (buyers) goods or services (for example: dyers, screen printers). The paid registration as a seller is a prerequisite for the offer and sale of items. As a seller, only adults and fully legal natural persons, legal entities and partnerships can register. The setup, maintenance and deletion of the customer account and the articles offered therein are carried out exclusively by Interloom. Changes at the request of the provider must be submitted in writing and, in the case of extensive changes, may lead to a charge for a service fee, which will be communicated to the provider in advance in an offer. The registration of a legal entity may only be carried out by a natural person who is authorized to represent and who must be named. The data requested by Interloom at registration must be complete and correct.

§ 2.2.2 Buyer
For the purpose of these Terms of Use, buyers are those who request or receive information from suppliers about Interloom. As a buyer on Interloom, individuals and business customers can register. Commercial customers are buyers who can show either a trade license or VAT number or non-EU buyers of foreign equivalent.
Potential buyers who have registered as private individuals can only contact B2C providers. Business customers can request any provider.
Registration as a buyer is a prerequisite for inquiring about articles. As a buyer, only adults and legal entities, legal persons and partnerships can register. The registration of a legal entity may only be carried out by a natural person who is authorized to represent and who must be named. The data requested by Interloom at registration must be complete and correct.


§ 2.3 Role of third parties
Third parties are persons who are neither operator nor member of Interloom.

§ 2.3.1 Marketing and Social Media Platforms
Interloom also provides third parties access to data on the articles offered and user-generated content so that they can promote the information on their own websites, in software applications, emails and other formats. These include, for example, Facebook and the social media functionality. Our privacy policy applies.

§ 3 Offer formats
Interloom provides its members with a wide range of offer formats and functions in order to generate Interloom inquiries or to find interested parties for articles offered by them.

§ 4 Offers
§ 4.1 Set Offers

Offers from suppliers are set by Interloom. The supplier provides Interloom with all the necessary information with words and maybe pictures for its articles correctly and completely. In doing so, all properties and characteristics essential for the purchase decision as well as defects that reduce the value of the goods offered must be truthfully stated. The description of the article as well as the pictures used therein must not violate rights of third parties and must refer exclusively to the offered article. Interloom cannot be held responsible for faulty manufacturers or product descriptions.

§ 5 Membership
§ 5.1 Registration as a member

Upon registration, members must truthfully provide the information requested in the registration form. Members need to keep their password secret and carefully secure access to their member account. Members are obliged to inform Interloom immediately if there are indications that a member account has been misused by third parties. Interloom will not pass on the password of a member to third parties and a member will never ask for his password by email or phone. Members are basically liable for all activities that are carried out using their member account. If the member is not responsible for the misuse of his membership account because there is no breach of the existing due diligence obligations, the member is not liable.

§ 5.2 Transferability of the member account
A member account is not transferable.

§ 6 Information and data
§ 6.1 Information control
The Interloom generated inquiries from potential buyers to suppliers are in principle not checked by Interloom and are not a request from Interloom.

 § 6.2 Copyright and license for use for user-generated content
The Interloom copyright guidelines apply to copyright issues and the user-generated content license.

 § 6.3 Automated translations made by Interloom or third parties
The offers and contents published by the operator, members or users of the website may also be accessed by users and members in other countries. Certain sections of a content and offer may be automated for this purpose or translated by Interloom or third parties (service providers). Legal validity of the author's original texts written in German or English language.

 § 6.4 Data provided by users
Interloom does not check the data stored by the suppliers and buyers during the registration as well as the offers and contents without concrete suspicion. Despite various security measures, it is therefore not excluded that false data will be deposited and published. Each member therefore must convince himself of the accuracy of the given data and the identity of the contracting party.

§ 6.5 Updating the data
Each user of the platform undertakes to keep up-to-date with the registration and the data given, as well as the data for the product description and to change the information immediately online or via E-Mail to Interloom.
§ 6.6 Price information
The price of the respective offers is to be understood as pure net value of goods plus value added tax, order picking, delivery and shipping costs from item location, unless otherwise stated. Interloom assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the prices quoted. It is up to the supplier to obtain individual offers on the value of goods or prices from the provider.

§ 6.7 Manipulation of the filter function
Members are prohibited from manipulating the filter function of the Interloom website, e.g. by inserting abusive brand names or other search terms into the item description or description.

§ 7 Use of online and offline software tools
Interloom can provide members with online and offline software tools as well as special programs, the use of which depends on the approval of separate terms of use or license.

§ 8 Shipping of items
Interloom is not responsible for the shipping of items. All agreements are negotiated directly between the buyer and the supplier.

§ 9 Invoice and Payment
The execution of a contract between buyer and supplier is not the responsibility of Interloom. The invoice will be sent directly to the buyer by the supplier. The payment of the purchase price is made directly by the buyer to the supplier. If the non-binding offer is placed by a supplier on behalf of a third party (supplier), the contract is settled directly between the third party (supplier) and the buyers. The provider must forward the required information according to the agreement.
§ 10 Principles for products
Interloom sees itself as a mediation platform for ecologically and socially sustainable products and services. The articles offered by the suppliers are therefore selected and curated. Certain articles may be rejected for the setting on Interloom.
§ 10.1 Review of the products
Interloom reserves the right to carry out a review of the discontinued products and to check the information provided.

§ 10.2 Right to remove products
Interloom may remove a product from the portfolio if facts become known that violate the terms and conditions. This applies even if it is a suspicion that later turns out to be wrong.

§ 10.3 Right to make an offer
There is no right to make an offer.

§ 11 Right of use
Interloom provides the members with the Interloom website with the functions described in §1. Interloom may attach to certain conditions the use of the Interloom website or individual functions of the Interloom website or the extent to which individual functions and services can be used. Interloom will temporarily restrict the services if this is necessary in terms of capacity limits, the security or integrity of the servers or for the implementation of technical measures and this serves the proper or improved performance of the services (maintenance). In these cases, Interloom considers the legitimate interests of the members through prior information. In case of an unforeseen system failure impedes the submission of bids, the buy-it-now or other features, such information will be published as soon as possible. Regarding a crediting of fees for the offers concerned and an extension of these offers, the principle of system failure applies.

§ 12 Sanctions and blocking and termination
Interloom may take the following actions if there are concrete indications that a member violates legal regulations, third party rights, the Interloom terms & conditions or the Interloom product criteria or if interloom has any other legitimate interest, to protect its members against fraudulent activity:
• Delete offers or other content
• Warning of members
• Limiting the use of the mediation platform
• Provisional blocking
• Final blocking
When choosing an intervention Interloom considers the legitimate interests of the member concerned, whether there are indications that the member was not responsible for the breach.

Interloom can definitively exclude a member from using the Interloom website (final lock) if (it)
• has provided incorrect contact information, an incorrect or invalid e-mail address.
• transfers his membership account.
• significantly harms other Interloom members or Interloom, misuses Interloom's services.
• there is another important reason.

§ 13 membership fees, offer fees, additional fees, expense allowances and agency commission
Registering as a buyer/user at Interloom is free.
The online ordering of a supplier, its products and services is chargeable. The fees are due for payment as agreed in the offer and can be paid via the payment methods offered by Interloom. Interloom sends the members by email invoices to the deposited email address. Interloom may change the fees after the end of the service period.

§ 14 Prohibited Articles and Content
It is forbidden to offer products on Interloom or to give up any search ads for products whose offer, sale or purchase violate legal regulations, third-party rights or morality. For some items, certain conditions and conditions for sale must be met. In isolated cases, Interloom reserves the right to be stricter than the law. The Interloom product criteria must be followed. It is forbidden to publish on the Interloom website content that violates legal regulations, rights of third parties or against the good morals. § 15 General principles for contents published by members applies.

§ 15 General principles
Members are required to comply with applicable laws when using the Interloom website and other Interloom services. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that their offers or content are lawful and do not violate third party rights. Members are responsible for archiving information stored on the Interloom web site that is stored by Interloom and used for purposes of securing evidence, bookkeeping, etc., on an Interloom-independent storage medium. Members may not use the addresses, contact details and email addresses obtained using the Interloom Marketplace for anything other than contractual and pre-contractual communications. It is forbidden to resell this data or to use it for the purpose of sending advertising, unless the respective member has expressly agreed to it beforehand. Interloom reserves the right, within its principles, to change the order in its marketplace, as far as this is reasonable for the members taking into account the legitimate interests of Interloom.

§16 Limitation of Liability
The member keeps Interloom free from all claims of third parties, which result from the use of the technologies or services, with the following exceptions:

The liability of Interloom for intent as well as culpable injury to life, body or health is not limited here.
The maximum liability for negligent acts and omissions is limited to the damage typical to the contract, which Interloom was forced to expect upon conclusion of the contract based on the circumstances known at that time.
A liability of Interloom for consequential and indirect damages, for lost profit (including business interruption) is excluded. This exclusion does not apply to intent.
Interloom is not liable for the conclusion and execution of contracts between the supplier and the buyer on the website.

§17 Return
Products will never be sent to Interloom unless Interloom itself acts as a buyer or seller in a purchase agreement. Authorized returns are made, if any, directly to the seller after mutual consent to the return.

§19 Newsletter
Interloom uses Mailchimp as a marketing automation platform. By using it as a supplier and buyer of the Interloom website, you agree that your e-mail address and full name will be sent to our secure Mailchimp account for processing and processed in accordance with their privacy policy.

§20 units
Unless otherwise stated in the product title or product description, prices are for the following units:
• fabrics: meters from minimum order quantity (MOQ)
• Fabric samples: pieces